2 famous dogs in the world with different ways

Fat dog unexpectedly famous for sitting in the first class
Hank, a dog weighing 74 kg, was owned by a wealthy interior designer to buy a first-class ticket on a flight from Los Angeles to Denver.

During a flight from Los Angeles to Denver earlier this week, Hank quickly became a famous dog online as a first-class passenger of American Airlines on October 26.

According to Newsinfo, everyone from the airport staff to the passengers on the flight seemed to enjoy this 4-legged guest. The photo of Hank sitting in a VIP seat has been spreading at a fast speed on the internet, now has more than 4,200 shares.

Due to being ill, Hank gained a lot of weight and could only move with the help of humans. Photo: Twitter

Those on the flight said Hank was very quiet throughout the journey, spending most of his time in his seat. Its owner, interior designer Kari Whitman and Kari, refused to reveal what their pet journey was to travel or move between the two cities for.

The dog who travels the most in the world

Many have called Miami the happiest dog in the world because their owner has traveled many places and enjoyed the best services.

Miami is the name of the Chihuahua dog, owned by Mariana Chiaraluce, a successful businessman and the opportunity to travel around the world. During her travels, Mariana always brings Miami as a companion.

Many call Miami the most traveled dog in the world. When adopted in Rome, Miami had a health problem. However, the weak physical does not prevent this pet from being taken around by the owner. Photo: Miami_traveler_dog.

As a result, Miami is present in almost every corner of the world, from America's famous Times Square, to beautiful beaches in Italy or on luxury yachts. Not only that, the accessories accompanying this dog are also considered stylish. Sometimes the lovely necklace, sometimes a cozy jacket or a striking outfit.

Miami also has its own Instagram (photo sharing site famous), posts photos on its travels around the world and has a large following. It has now reached 15 states in the US and several countries in Europe. Miami's next journey is to Istanbul, Turkey and one day not far from London, England.

"Miami is very sweet and friendly with people," Marianna commented on her pet. Photo: Miami_traveler_dog.

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