Decipher the mystery: An extremely ugly, scary monster is called a "living fossil"

At the bottom of the deep sea exist countless mysteries, rare and strange creatures. Including the goblin shark (Goblin Shark), one of the rarest sharks in the world and was dubbed the "living fossil".

Catch an extremely rare goblin shark on the Florida coast
The goblin shark has just been caught. (Photo:

Goblin sharks, also known as goblin sharks. They are considered prehistoric monsters, the only surviving member of the Mitsukurinidae family - dating back over 125 million years. Goblin appeared "briefly" in the documentary "Legends of the Deep".

Goblin sharks are very rare in nature and in the last decade no individuals have been found in the Gulf of Mexico.

And according to the NOAA (US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Organization), only about 10 people in this decade have ever seen goblin sharks, which has seen the rarity of "living fossils." this.

This is probably the most peculiar and peculiar species of the shark because of its ugly shape. It has a longer hooked nose than other sharks and resembles a beak.

In addition, they are the only sharks whose body is predominantly pink, with jaws capable of stretching out to catch prey.

Goblin sharks are often encountered in the waters of Japan. Its muzzle is long and very dangerous.

Goblin sharks are found in deep waters where the sun is hard to reach. The deepest specimen ever caught at a depth of 1,300m.

Their prey is mainly squid, fish, crabs, bacteria that live deep in the sea. Species history and their breeding habits are hardly known too rare.

Adult males usually have a length of 2.4 - 3.1m and females are from 3.1 - 3.5m. The largest specimen found was 3.9 meters long and weighs 210kg. Another interesting point is that 25% of the fish's body weight is liver.

Certainly, this animal can scare many people right from the first sight.

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