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Valentina's prophetic talent appeared at the age of 7. Mainly it may be genetic. Her mother, the famous Russian astrologer Fedora Kolikhalova, spoke in 1939 to warn Stalin about the sudden German attack of the Germans ...

Valentina Krumova was born in 1941 in the village of Verkhososna, in Belgorodsk region of the Russian Federation. Graduated from Medical College with major in Chinese Traditional Medicine. Married Bulgarian. She used to work at the National Academy of Medicine and currently works at the Psychiatric Institute Sofia, Bulgaria.

Of the 5 candidates of the most recent presidential elections in the Republic of Bulgaria, the two of them had personally met Valentina Krumova, the third sent a secretary close to the home of the famous astrologer. . Although she did not like to name them, her predictions were right through the election of Georgi Pervanov of the Bulgarian Socialist party.


Valentina Krumova at a young age and now. (Photo: CAND)

Valentina's prophetic talent appeared at the age of 7. Mainly it may be genetic. Her mother, the famous Russian astrologer Fedora Kolikhalova, warned in 1939 about Stalin's sudden Russian offensive, as well as foresight that the United States, Britain and France will exchange with the Soviet Union within the framework of the anti-fascist Allies.

Although the Georgian marshal was not initially convinced of the "bullshit" above; but 10 years later, in 1949, Stalin ordered the Gold Medal, together with a 45 thousand ruble bonus, to Fedora Kilikhalova for those two "absolutely right" prophecies.

Ten years later, in 1959, when Valentina was 18 years old, Iuri Gagarin (more than 2 years later to become the first astronaut in the world) came to the village of Verkhososna to meet a young female astrologer.

In the newspaper at that time wrote a lot about I.Gagarin, because he was an experienced pilot - V.Krumova recalls - I only know something like that. Even the term "astronaut" I have never heard, even I do not know what it is.

I asked Gagarin if he visited my mother? He quickly replied, "No, I came here just to meet you in person." Then I guess he will become a celebrity making every nation "familiar with the name - known ...".

Gagarin modestly said: "But in the end I was just an ordinary military pilot." And I said, "You will soon have trouble in your professional life." Gagarin laughed unbelievably, patted my shoulder and said: "Valia, you have to learn a lot more!".

After I.Gagarin went missing on a test flight, his wife met me again, expressing regret for not paying attention to the warning earlier. “The Gagarin incident for me is like the first personal documentary film that always exists in the brain, because it has written archives, even recordings. The prediction of I.Gagarin's fate is not a fabrication like some rumors ”- V.Krumova affirmed.

An event related to the prophecies that shocked the world of V.Krumova. That is, after the sinking of the nuclear submarine Kursk, V. Krumova immediately sent a long fax to Russian Navy Admiral Kuroedov, then Commander of the North Sea Fleet, which wrote: “Kursk sank by a Sudden explosion. The last 23 surviving marines gathered in the 9th compartment. Two hand letters will be found. There were 23 winged rockets on board. The ship will be salvaged from the disaster area ”.

Although Admiral Kuroedov did not respond to Krumova's telegram, possibly because he was dismissed, the predictions coincided with subsequent investigation results.

In Bulgaria, there is also a talented female astrologer with the nickname "Baba Vanga" or "Mrs. Vanga". Valentina Krumova came to Baba Vanga for the first time in 1972. "I also line up seriously after the people who came first" - V. Krumova said - Baba Vanga, may be told by the "sixth sense", call immediately security guards at the gate: "Please young Valentina from Russia immediately, do not have to wait in order anymore!".

I walked in and she asked why I came here? I replied that I wanted to ask her to see how the future logistics are. Baba Vanga laughed and chuckled: "Oh my parents! My mother and I are both famous born astrologers, neither am I ... I have no judgment with her, because she can see for herself. But I just reminded you, that you will get married and he must be my countryman. He will be younger than you and remind him to be careful with the power problem! ”.

"Indeed, I later married a Bulgarian electrical engineer and brought my husband's surname and nationality. In early 1988, my husband suffered a work accident: electric burns, his knees burned due to high voltage. "During my stay at the National Burn Institute, I reminded my husband of what Baba Vanga mentioned 16 years ago."

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