Find the whereabouts of "Butcher Jack" - history's most mysterious murderer

After more than 120 years since the horrific obsession for London, the name "Jack Butcher" has always been an attractive topic of criminologists.

In the world criminal record, Jack the Ripper (Jack the Ripper) is one of the most sick and mysterious serial killers in history.

Ever brutally murdered 11 victims with an "unbelievable" way of killing in the 1880s in London (UK), over hundreds of years, Jack Butcher is still the object of research and investigation of the world's top. police and scientists.

Recently, British criminologists have published their findings on his true whereabouts.

By using computer techniques and algorithms, experts have determined the location of this killer while he was operating, causing many serious cases in 1888 - that is Flower. and the famous Dean Street in the East End (London).

Pictures of Flower Street and Dean Street in 1902

The East End is known as a slum-like area - the slum - in stark contrast to the West End - the rich-man area. East End focuses on the most strenuous and polluted industries in the city: tanning, beer distillation, metal foundries, glass furnaces, slaughterhouses ...

For about three years from 1888, "Butcher Jack" was a terror to the people of London and the shame of the British police when 11 victims in turn, many of whom were brutally murdered. violence and disease.

Dr. Kim Rossmo and Steve Le Comber of the University of London have used algorithms to track the location of this murderer. Accordingly, he realized that all the victims were very close to Flower and Dean Street. So to be able to carry out the case, he must also be in the area around here.

One of the remarkable points of the two researchers was the case of two victims Catherine Eddowes and Elizabeth Stride were killed on the night of September 30, 1888. From the location of the bodies of the two victims, researcher Le Comber said that it is possible that "Jack the Ripper" is on his way home and suddenly inspired to kill the victim.

Jack the Ripper caused many mysterious murders

With the death of Catherine Eddowes, the police also found a line that allegedly belonged to "Jack the Ripper" written in chalk: "Jews are not people who are not charged."

According to Le Comber, at the time, signs of this type were one of the important traces to track down the murderer. Unfortunately, it was overlooked by investigators of that time. He also predicted that "Jack the Ripper" may have suffered from a mental illness, causing many such cases. However, he was also surprised at the ingenuity in erasing every trace of this murderer.

Le Comber predicts that this mysterious murderer may have died, was taken to a mental hospital or imprisoned. And the true identity of this killer is still behind the mysterious black curtain.

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