Goblin valley makes tourists feel lost to Mars

Goblin Valley State Park in southeastern Utah, USA is a famous park with thousands of rock formations with very strange shapes. This strange rock collection is called the goblin valley.

If you like hiking, you'll love Goblin Valley. This is a very large place with rocks stacked in all shapes and sizes depending on your rich imagination.

This is also a place with very interesting hiking trails and landscapes that make you feel lost in Mars.

If you are an adventurous traveler and skilled in waterfall, you may be allowed to enter a natural sandstone cave called Goblin Lair. If you like mountain biking, the Goblin Valley now has bike paths at Wild Horse Mountain.

Goblin Valley is open year-round, but it's best to plan your trip in the spring or fall. At this time, beautiful weather makes the scenery sharper.

Besides, if possible you should come here on weekdays when the parking lot is not as crowded as on weekends or summer holidays. In addition, you will not feel too hot when you go to play in the desert in the summer.

If you have young children, plan your winter holiday trip, which is perfect for hiking or cycling. Goblin Valley is a great trip to connect the whole family.

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