Life is the safest place on the planet

AUSTRALIA Former millionaire David Glasheen has lived on an uninhabited island for more than 2 decades.

David, 77, used to be a businessman in Sydney, owns a multi-million dollar gold mining company. In 1987, after the stock market crash, his $ 37 million fortune did not fly, resulting in a happy marriage with his 22-year-old wife and a large house in front of the harbor.

After years of trying to start over with failed projects, David was introduced to a remote, undeveloped island north of Queensland by a friend. After his first visit in 1993, he really fell in love with the 40-hectare island, with its clear waters and shady coconut palms. A third-island lease was signed later, with the content that David will build an eco-resort, effective until 2039. He named the island Restoration.

From the small settlement of Portland Road, it takes 30 minutes by boat to the island. Photo: Venture Films / Youtube.

David and Denika, ex-girlfriend, dreamed of tropical life and built a secluded retreat. They live in an old boat with computers connected to the Internet and lights, powered by solar energy. There are also refrigerators and gas cookers available. Fresh water is taken from a hill basin, along with rainfall on the roof. However, after their son was born, Denika left the island to return to the mainland.

After she left, David still decided to stay, becoming the only resident on the island. His nearest neighbors are Aboriginal people living in the Lockhart River 40 km away, but everyday he can encounter saltwater crocodiles, sea sharks, poisonous snakes ... On the island, some edible things, In addition, David also grows more fruits and vegetables, fishing as fish, squid, oysters, shrimp, octopus ...

He brewed beer himself, in exchange with the fishermen who came to refuel on the Lockhart river. Every two or three weeks, he would exchange eggs, milk, clothes if needed ... Once a year, David rode a motorboat, and drove more than 800 km to buy more supplies he could not produce on his own. city ​​of Cairns. He has a pension and other income from welcoming guests to the island.

When more people came to the island, David decided to charge instead of having a free reception as before. He also alerts visitors to the dangers they may face. Photo: Aubrey Comben.

David always thought that he was living in the safest place on the planet, though he often faced dangerous animals and violent sea storms. In March 2019, after Typhoon No. 4 Traver swept through, his boat was buried in sand, phones, engines and machines were no longer available. After that, he began renovating his residence with the debris left on the beach.

David said he was fighting in exchange for freedom and protect his dream. Since moving to the island, his senses and survival instincts have also become more intense. He could spot animals from small noises in the bushes and ripples under the sea.

"This place has snakes, spiders and crocodiles but is safer than many other parts of the world, when you have to read about the terrorist attacks. I love life here, no matter how old and tough, you still want to go to bed without having to worry about who attacked, "expressed David.

As he got older, he also had a number of accidents and health problems. In early 2019, David had a broken hip fracture and took an hour to crawl 60 meters to his satellite phone. Later, some fishermen stopped by the island to give painkillers and he was rescued by a Flying Doctor helicopter.

David with silver hair called Robinson in real life. Photo: Youtube.

However, he will not leave the island and decides to take his last breath here. "Me and Recovery Island are a symbiotic relationship, living inseparably," he said.

In his autobiography, Castaway, he describes his days of watching giant hawks nesting on top of Resto, floating in the air or watching rays swimming along the beach ... instead of seeing a few rare sparrows at the nursing home window. "A lot of people are spending their whole lives dreaming of touching the heavens, and I'm there," he wrote.

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