Map of America through drawings of local people

Almost no one accurately describes his country through the reworking of the map. The two most neglected territories in the United States are Alaska and Hawaii.

Across the United States are 50 states with large and small areas. Many of these are popular tourist spots and become familiar with the community. However, when asked to reconstruct the country map with lines, many Americans felt confused and only described at most 28 states. The two territories that are also in the US but not on the continent of this country are Alaska and Hawaii are most forgotten.

An anonymous member from Connecticut wrote the words "I don't want to draw anything more" after failing to remember the details of every American land.

Member Alex from Florida drew funny illustrations instead of state names. Even so, the map was unfinished with countless gaps and question marks.

Adam - a member from Massachusetts is considered the most detailed drawing but can not remember the name of each specific place.

Meanwhile, Bobby (Connecticut) took first place by drawing the full map and listing the best states.

Another participant on the list even remembered New York's location.

Members from the Hawaiian Islands could not remember each state's position in the United States.

An unnamed person listed only four locations, California (CA), New York (NYC), Florida (FL) and Texas (TX), with a message to the vacant area: "I'm not from here. Nobody cares. to the Central region. "

In the mind of Jay - a member from New Hangshire state, the US map lacks the surrounding islands.

America through the drawing of a member named Jeremy Glass.

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