Moment of birth for the mother dolphin in the aquarium in America

The entire process of the birth of the mother dolphin during 3 hours recorded at Shedd Aquarium, Chicago (USA) has made many visitors touched and excited.

According to CNN, the new Pacific white-eyed dolphin born on March 18 has not been named yet. It is the first offspring of the Katrl mother fish at Shedd Aquarium, Chicago (USA).

Many visitors to the Shedd Aquarium have witnessed the entire process of the mother dolphin last 3 hours. They all feel very touched and excited. "The moment a funny tail appears, your heart starts to dance in your chest because you know that it is a moment of about to witness a sacred spectacle," said Lisa Takaki, senior director of water bow said.

The moment the funny tail appears. Photo: Ketv

The aquarium management board also records the first dolphin activities with its mother and new home. Immediately after the fry was born, Katrl's mother immediately protected her son by following closely, guiding the fry away from the corners of the tank and swimming to a safe location to store energy.

The dolphin has not yet been identified, weighing about 11.3 kg and 0.9 m long. As soon as 1 year old, it will be named after Tlingit - one of the peoples of the Pacific Northwest. Currently, this dolphin is taken to a nursing facility in the aquarium and fed entirely by fresh fish. In addition, the living area of ​​the mother and the dolphin is also closed to visitors so they can relax and get to know each other.

Moment of birth for the mother dolphin in the aquarium in America
The Shedd Aquarium is located inside the Chicago Campus Museum, the world's largest aquarium with more than 1,500 species of creatures. The price for a tour here is 69 USD. The aquarium is open year-round, except for Christmas.

Dolphins dive to the bottom of the sea to pick up phones to pay travelers
Seeing the man fall on the phone while swimming, a dolphin dived into the sea to search and suck things back.

Teressa Cee, the cheerleader of the Miami Heat basketball team, asked the person on the boat to hold the phone while she was busy diving with a friend. Around them are the dolphins of the Bahamas, an archipelago in the Atlantic.

According to the Mirror reported on October 2, the man sitting on the boat accidentally dropped Teressa's phone into the water and Cacique dolphins saw. He then dives into the water, closes the phone and emerges, giving it to the man.

Terassa excitedly said: "Cacique is lovely because I dive and bring the phone to my hand."

The video of Teressa recording the scene of Cacique returning her phone attracted many readers. Everyone was excited about this rare moment, but everyone couldn't help but wonder if the phone would still work.

Clinton Ikechi, a friend of Teressa, said the phone would of course never be on the source again, but they were deeply grateful for the dolphins' actions.

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