The best cold-resistant Eskimos on the planet

Living in the coldest part of the world, in order to survive, the Eskimos wore fur costumes, the main food being seal meat, reindeer and whale skin.

Eskimo is a race of people living in the polar region from eastern Siberia (Russia), through Alaska (USA), Canada and Greeenland.

The Eskimo have the same physical appearance: light brown skin, straight black hair, dark eyes, wide face with high cheekbones.

There are two main groups of people: people with Yupik language and culture distributed in Eastern Siberia and Alaska, considered to be the primitive places of the people (5,000 years ago). The second group is Inuit in Northern Alaska, Canada and Greenland.

They live in the coldest region of the world near the North Pole. Survival is like a regular battle with the harsh elements of the environment. They are known as the coldest ethnic group on the planet.

They are also known for their ability to hunt whales. After hunting the whales together, they will be chopped to share among community members. Boys who were 8 years old began to hunt.

Traditional men are hunters and fishermen, while women look after their children, cook, clean the house and especially make clothes.

A common marriage is between women in puberty and men who become hunters, able to hunt for the family. Each family has a diverse structure: spouses, children, can include biological parents or wife-in-law, siblings and parents ... Each family has a head, usually a man. elderly or respected.

Many families share the same area, where they hibernate. The Inuit have a tradition of sharing food with the community, with a peaceful personality, sharing, solidarity. They have the equality between men, women and children.

During the day of birth, the child will get a small piece of whale tooth carved into his mouth from the shaman, in the hope of being good at hunting. Everyone will sing and drum loudly.

Seals are their most important food, in addition to salmon, cod, whales and other sea creatures. In the summer, they hunt for reindeer and goose; Winter hunt polar bears, foxes and hares. Their favorite food is seal meat and reindeer, walrus liver (trailer) and whale skin.

In search of these animals, the Eskimos migrated. Usually, they have summer houses and winter houses. Summer houses are made from seal skin or reindeer. Winter houses are made from grass. The Eskimos do not live in igloos as many people think, they only use the snow dome as a temporary shelter when moving or hunting, called Igloo. It consists of blocks cut from snow, with a chimney at the top. Although it is snowy, it is still 6-7 degrees Celsius warmer. Their permanent home is usually made of wood, whale bones and covered with seal skin with soil. Oil from seals is burned for heating and light.

The snow house is a temporary place for the family to move or a whale shelter temporarily.

Regarding clothing, the Eskimos use animal skin as clothes. They like reindeer skin because it's warm and light. If they lacked reindeer, they would use seals, bears and even arctic foxes. Apparel styles may vary by region, but everyone must wear a full set of anti-cold outfit including a hooded jacket, long pants or tight pants, socks, boots and gloves.

In the winter, they usually wear 2 layers of clothes, the inner layer will have fur near the skin. Outer layer has outer hair. The air between the two layers helps their bodies retain heat and sweat away. They wear one-layer clothes in the summer.

People often use single boats to hunt seals. This type of boat was copied by Europeans and Americans under the name kayak. The umiag boat is wider, made from wooden frames covered with animal skin to transport people, goods and dogs, with a flat bottom so that it can get close to the shore.

In winter, they hunt by looking for holes in the ice, breathing holes of animals. On the ground, they use sleighs with Husky dogs. A group of dogs runs 1-2 rows in parallel pulling sleds made of wood, animal bones or horns from whale mouths and frozen fish.

Dogs play an important role in the Inuit life, carrying clothes in the summer, sledding in the winter, and protecting the village by barking when a bear or stranger appears. Inuit people love dogs, trying to create beautiful breeds with bright eyes, healthy fur. They perform rituals for newborn dogs so they grow smoothly, pulling their feet so they can thrive ...

The difficult and dangerous life makes Eskimos believe in gods and religions. They believe that everything has a soul and follows divine rituals. They have traditional dances and drumming in rituals. Some dance and singing festivals will last for days.

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