The most beautiful communal house in the Central Highlands

KON TUM Kon Mo Dri is one of the most poetic and communal houses in the Central Highlands region associated with the childhood of children in the village.

Kon Jo Dri (or Kon Jo Dri, Kon Jo Ri) is a Ba Na village located on the Dak Bla river, in Dak Ro Wa commune, Kon Tum city. The village has a communal house built in 1977, considered the most superficial in the region with a height of 16 m and a width of 12 m. This is the place where festivals, gatherings, organize New Year festivals, exchange of gongs ... of the Ba Na people. From afar, the house is like an ax rising into the sky.

Besides its appearance, the scenery around Kon Roi's communal house is also poetic because it is located in the middle of a large area of ​​land between the village, surrounded by hundred-year-old tamarind stumps. Any village of the Ba Na has its communal house - the symbol and pride of the residents.

Inside the communal house are large wooden columns to support the entire roof. Floors are usually made from wooden boards or bamboo pipes that are crushed, not assembled, but the panels are about one cm apart. As a result, when people focus on eating, water does not flow on the floor and cleaning is easier.

The roof is covered with layers of tiled grass up to 20 cm thick. Large wooden pillars also become a place for climbing and playing for children in the village.

The children in Kon Ji Ri are typical of the Ba Na ethnic groups in the Central Highlands.

The village is located on the key tourist route "On the Dak Bla stream" of the province. Having lots of contact with tourists, the children in the village are friendly, different from the usual shyness of other children. During the day, when the adults go to work or on the field, the yard, the communal house and the surrounding tamarinds are their common playground.

From the center of Kon Tum city to Kon Jơ Dri village, visitors will cross the Kon Klor suspension bridge across the Dak Bla line. Both are famous landmarks of the province. In particular, Kon Klor is also the largest and most beautiful cable-stayed bridge in the Central Highlands.

In addition to Ko Jori, visitors can visit Kon K'Tu ancient village about 2km from the village, where the communal house and the beautiful ancient church are equivalent. At the same time, you can take a homestay, with the indigenous people to experience the Dak Bla River cruise by canoe.

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