The paradise of homeless cats

Visit the Cat House on the Kings River in Fresno County, California (USA), you will be surrounded by 700 cute cats and can explore their full comfortable life.

Unlike the usual dog and cat stations, The Cat House on the Kings looks like a hotel, fully equipped on a large plot of land, considered a paradise for homeless cats in the US .

"The Cat House on the Kings" - The headquarters of a non-profit organization in the US carrying over 700 ownerless cats. It is located on a land of more than 48,500 m2 along the Kings River in Parlier, Fresno County, California (USA).

Considered a paradise land, the homeless cats enjoy the comfort of the campus with lots of trees, furniture, computers and anything that makes them feel comfortable to climb. climb or curl up and sleep.

For visitors, visiting here will leave a lot of strange emotions and experiences. Cats appear anywhere you see them, standing or sitting.

This house is also home to old or sick cats. All care work is handled by staff and volunteers with a high sense of community.

Since its inception 23 years ago, the cat house on the Kings River has saved the lives of more than 23,000 wandering cats and 7,000 ownerless dogs. Up to now, this number continues to increase.

In Western countries, feral cats and dogs are usually collected, conceived, and cared for by the sponsoring organization until the new owner arrives. However, if it is too long, but no one comes to adopt, they will be forced to inject drugs to death to save space for new children.

The arrangement of decent and safe accommodation for these pets while waiting for a new owner is considered very essential, especially in the context of Fresno county - where there is also a cat and dog rescue station - injections medicine to death up to 65,000 animals every year.

The founder of this organization was called Lynea Lattanzio - a career in caring for abandoned pets on a 24,000 square meter plot of land in 1992. Until now, she has often been joked that her home position has been shaken, giving way. for cats.

As soon as you enter the premises of the house, you have been "watched" by dozens of eyes from everywhere of the cats.

Not only are they cared for thoroughly, cats are engaged in many interesting activities, including portraits and framing, wall hanging of their own images.

Kittens are arranged in a private room and enjoy a more intensive care regime. Visitors are still visited by how interacting with humans is considered a good psychological treatment for cats.

Once familiar, cats will become more open to visitors and willing to snuggle around them everywhere.

Many breeds of cats gather here, including hybrids of different races.

One of the actions most appreciated by the staff here is the direct donation to the cats through food, water or other items.

Representative: Mr. Tran Van Long - Chairman and General Director
Head office: 95B-97-99 Tran Hung Dao, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh.
Hanoi Branch: 66 Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Phone: 028 730 56789 | Hotline: 19001177
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