9 most impressive cliffs in the world

What could be better than witnessing the vast expanse of the ocean, listening to the crashing waves while standing on top of towering cliffs.

See the views on the steep cliffs in Norway. Preikestolen cliff has a height of 604 m.
The steep Preikestolen Cliff is one of Norway's most popular destinations, where visitors can feel the heart beating when admiring the surrounding scenery.

Located in Rogaland county, western Norway, Preikestolen (also known as Prekestolen) is a steep cliff with a height of 604 m located opposite the Kjerag plateau. The top of the cliff is about 25 m x 25 m wide and almost flat. According to the study of geological experts, this rock formation was formed during the ice age, 10,000 years ago.

With majestic, majestic and adventurous natural landscapes, Preikestolen is one of Norway's most popular tourist attractions.

To reach the summit of Preikestolen, visitors take 2-3 hours climbing and facing the steep cliffs, slippery along the way. However, those who come to the place admit the immense beauty, overwhelmed at the top of the mountain deserves for them to "pay" with an arduous and arduous journey of climbing.

1. Etretat

Located in the Normandy area (France), Etretat white cliffs are famous for their beautiful shapes, which are endless inspiration for many French artists. The great painter Claude Monet (1840 - 1926) also had to "lean" to the beauty of a giant elephant by the deep blue water in his famous painting "L'Aiguille and the Porte D'Eval". In the summer, Etretat attracts a large number of visitors to the beach, sunbathe, windsurf, boating or canoe ... Many others like climbing hills to watch the sea, taking a walk in this quiet sea or riding horses on the cliffs. rock.

Here, visitors are also attracted by the peaceful space retains the ancient features of the Normandy-style houses.

2. Paracas

Paracas National Reserve is a popular nature reserve with beaches on the southern coast of Peru, many species of wildlife, especially birds ... always attract tourists.

Zoom in to the distance to see the vast expanse of the sea and listen to the murmuring waves.

3. Dover white cliff

The Dover white cliff stretching from the east and west of the port city of Dover, England, rising above the sea, is one of the fortresses that gives the deepest impression to everyone in the world. Dover citadel at the highest point on the white cliff, 114 meters higher than the sea surface, was built over a thousand years to prevent invaders from entering Europe. Along the many small paths on the top of the white cliff surrounding Dover, the scenery is very beautiful.

The white cliff makes visitors marvel at its natural beauty.

4. Latrabjarg

Located at an altitude of 440 m above sea level and stretching up to 14 km, Látrabjarg is one of the 3 largest bird cliffs in Iceland. This is a paradise for those who love to admire birds with lots of precious and beautiful species.

What could be more interesting than standing on the largest cliff in Iceland.

5. Bunda

The Bunda Cliffs (Australia) is one of the most spectacular and unspoiled landscapes in the world. Standing here feels like being at the end of the world, where only the sky, the sea and the spectacular cliffs. The Bunda stretches for more than 200 km, winding around the Great Australian Bight. The contiguous cliffs of the Bunda are the end of the vast Nullarbor plain that has been trimmed by nature's "hands"

Bunda Cliffs, where the sky and the sea meet.

6. Cabo Girao

Cabo Girao is located in the south of the island of Madeira, Portugal. Located at an altitude of 570m above sea level, this is the highest cliff in Europe with wonderful scenery, immense ocean and houses that look like terraced fields on green pastures ...

From a distance, the scenery on the cliffs looks like fertile terraced fields.

7. Acantilados de Los Gigantes

Acantilados de Los Gigantes, also known as the cliff of the giant, is a coastal cliff located along the west coast of Canary Tenerife. The vertical cliffs, at an altitude of 500m above the sea with vast beauty, vastness mingled with the beauty of giant cliffs, is a destination that visitors cannot ignore.

The cliff of the giant blends the beauty of black sand beaches and peaceful marinas.

8. Santorini

Santorini belongs to the group of Cyclades islands located on the Aegean Sea located 200 km southeast of Greece. It is the largest of a small archipelago of circles with the same name and is the remnant of a crater. For a long time, this place was famous for the steep cliffs embracing the black sand coast characteristic of volcanic dust, along with the unique architecture of two colors white and blue. Santorini is basically what's left after a massive volcanic explosion that devastated the first settlements on a single island, and created the current geological volcanic crater.

Sunset on Santorini island is considered one of the most splendid scenes in the world.

9. Moher

Moher Cliffs, also known as the lovely name Dandelion Cliffs, is one of Ireland's top tourist attractions, has been recognized as a Global Geopark. This cliff stretches 8km on the west coast of Ireland, in the county of Clare County. The highest point of the cliff is 214m. Called the Dandelion Cliffs because there is simply a whole sky full of bright yellow flowers - dandelion flowers.

Don't miss the chance to admire the majestic and dazzling beauty of Moher cliffs - huge cliffs that plunge straight into the sea and face the Atlantic.

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