Beautiful little village nestled in fjords

Perched on a steep cliff, nestled in a fjord created from a small crack of a large rock, Furore is one of the most attractive destinations on the Amalfi coast, Italy.

Furore is a small village, located on the Amalfi coast, in the province of Salerno, Campania region, southwest Italy. Formerly, this place used to have many houses located along the mountainside, facing the sea and a poetic road leading into.

The small houses of Furore village are nestled by the cliff.

The village has no squares or large community gatherings and houses are now scattered. The paths and stairs leading to the village are difficult to recognize from the sea. Therefore, Furore is still a "mystery" for many visitors, even called "The village does not exist".

Until Furore has its official name on the map, new houses are often repainted with light colors to make it easier for visitors to find when passing by. This tradition still holds to this day and the villagers also invite artists from many parts of the world to return in September each year to decorate their houses with new murals.

The main attraction of Furore is its location in a fjord, on a canyon that cuts inland. As Europe's oldest region, this gulf region was created by the Schiato stream that flows from the mountains to the sea. When newly formed, the village has only a group of fisherman's houses nestled close to the cliffs.

The arched bridge is located in the fjord of the village of Furore.

Based on its unique location and beautiful scenery, local authorities have turned the bay into a tourist attraction. An ancient lime kiln was renovated into a bar and souvenir shop. Renovated old houses, a museum built to store and display the heritage and plant diversity here.

The two sides of the bay cliff are connected by an arch bridge, the height of 30 m. Every summer, this place is the venue for the international diving championship. In the middle of the day, the sight of sunlight streaming through the narrow canyon, down to the beach only a few meters wide often captivated both tourists and locals.

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