Carmel, a coastal art city in the USA

Carmel is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and unique artistic traditions.

Shops with classical architecture. Photo: USA Pictures

Located on the Monterey Peninsula, Carmel-by-the-Sea (or Carmel) is an inspirational place for artists and art lovers. California city is also in the list of top 10 destinations in the US for 8 consecutive years "travel magazine" Conde Nast ".

The city was built between 1902 and 1910. 60% of Carmel homes are built by people who "devote their lives to the arts". Many artists worked at the City Council at that time, even some mayors were poets or actors, such as Herbert Heron, Perry Newberry or Clint Eastwood ...

Carmel is an ideal shopping place with dozens of fancy clothing stores. If you are looking to buy artworks, there are over 80 galleries to choose from. Shops selling souvenirs, gifts, jewelry, stationery ... sprouting up everywhere, famous not only for its diverse goods but also for its unique layout and architecture.

The picturesque valley. Photo: Carmelvalleycalifornia

The city regularly organizes cultural festivals such as the Carmel Bach Festival, the Carmel Art & Film Festival ... 4 theaters and Sunset Center continuously play musicals, besides a variety of other art performance types.

Local cuisine is known for its "Wine Walk" by the beach, where people can try a variety of wines. Or you can choose to taste the wine amidst the romantic countryside scenery in the valley of Carmel.

Carmel is especially attractive to dog-loving travelers because the people of the city are extremely friendly with the animal. Many hotels allow tourists to bring dogs to their bedrooms, most restaurants have a dog-friendly menu, or provide free food, water, and toys for them.

However, the city has some strange laws, such as banning women from wearing high heels without permission, or banning selling and eating ice cream on the street. Tourists do not learn thoroughly, it is easy to violate the rules and be punished.

Clear blue beach. Photo: Asisbiz

Nature lovers don't forget to visit the beach, sign up for eco-tours, or visit the Aquarium. Carmel has a lot to explore and enjoy, so if you're planning to travel to the US, put Carmel on your list of places to visit. This peaceful coastal city will never let you down.

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