Dangerous roads

Across 12 steep passes or deserted to cold areas is the feeling many travelers have experienced and conquered.

The Death Road, Bolivia

The ancient, windy Yungas road in Bolivia stretches for 64 km (40 miles) connecting the Andean capital of La Paz to Coroico, which lies 3,833 m below the majestic Amazon basin. After being rebuilt, lofty slopes and breathtaking scenery have become attractions for tourists, especially mountain bikers. They call it the "Death Road" when about 100 people die each year for various reasons.

Dangerous roads
The Million Dollar Highway, Colorado, USA

Southwest of Colorado is the "Million Dollar Highway" connecting Durango to Ouray. 3 passes through 3 high mountains over 3,300 m. After picturesque landscapes with mountain ranges on the horizon, nearly 20 km (12 miles) south of Ouray is steep, winding and ensures there is no second chance for mistakes.

Dangerous roads
Trollstigen, Norway

Windy winding road through 11 bends the hairs on the neck with a slope of 9% on the 900 m high mountain pass above sea level. Although Stigfossen waterfall is higher than 300 meters, it is very beautiful, but do not lose your focus because right opposite is the deep valley below.

Dangerous roads
Federal Highway 1, Mexico

This is a unique road connecting the towns and villages on Baja semi-security capital which is quite narrow with only two lanes. Hundreds of vehicles, ranging from cargo containers, oversized trucks, and small cars, all share the same 1,600 km (1,000 miles) long road through the peninsula. This further increases the risk of the road being built around the mountains, along the coast on one side is steep hills on one side and the ocean.

Dangerous roads
Guoliang Tunnel, China

Spectacular path is carved into the cliff, connecting the village on the top of Guoliang mountain with the rest of "civilization". After years of calling for the government to be unresponsive, the villagers themselves carved into the rocky mountain tunnel only 1.2 km (0.75 miles) higher than 5 m and wider than 4 m. The unpredictable curves, corners, and slopes make all vehicles have to move at the slowest speed possible.

Dangerous roads
Highway of Death, Iraq

The roads in the Western Asian nation of Iraq are always hidden dangers from the remains of the wars that used to take place, especially the mines and mines scattered somewhere. "Highway of Death" is the name of the highway 80 connecting the city of Kuwait to Basra. It still has traces of the Gulf War with about 2,700 tanks and trucks attacked by US bombs.

Dangerous roads
The Trans-Siberian Highway, Russia

Russia's interstate highway system stretches for thousands of miles across Siberia and follows the icy snow-covered forests, connecting Moscow with the farthest end of Asia Yakutsk. Within the winter 10 months of this country, the roads were adjusted, crossing many lakes and frozen rivers. The steering wheel is constantly challenged with the slippery and sloping sections, the white snow around it and the feeling of loneliness always present at sunset.

Dangerous roads
Luxor-al-Hurghada Road, Egypt

In contrast to the cold north, the road stretches 180 miles from the Hurghanda resort of the Red Sea to the city on the banks of the Nile Luxor, Egypt, which is hot and dusty. The new road is quite flat and spacious. But the terrain is not the challenge here, at night the bandits, terrorists often ambush. The unfortunate passengers and riders can be stripped of them all before disappearing without a trace into the vast desert sea at dawn.

Dangerous roads
The Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

The Karakoram Expressway connects China and Pakistan via the Khunjerab mountain range, which is over 5,100 m high, full of strong winds flowing through high canyons along the ancient silk road. The cross-country friendship road has not been completed in Pakistan, but the steep slopes, landslides and landslides have killed nearly 900 workers during the construction process.

Dangerous roads
The James Dalton Highway, Alaska

Once famous on the television series "Ice Road Truckers" documenting the construction process, the 666-kilometer (414-mile) James Dalton Highway in Alaska is a unique path between the Arctic Sea oilfield and villages and town. In the long, dark winter, drivers including heavy truck drivers who came to face the stormy north wind blew a lot of hurricanes and steep 12% bends around their backs. N-shaped mountains In the summer, dust and rocks falling from the cliffs are equally dangerous and not to mention that in this area you can find gas stations easily.

Dangerous roads
Stelvio Pass, Italy

There are a total of 48 hair-raising curves on the way to the top of the craggy Stelvio pass across majestic ranges and canyons. This is the second highest mountain pass in the Alps 3,000 m. It was followed by an extremely impressive 180 degree turn that began the next 38 bends on the downhill road. Make sure your brakes are checked carefully.

Dangerous roads
Kabul-Jalalabad Highway, Afghanistan

What is more dangerous than driving through the land of Taliban militants? It could only be a 40-mile path through the Kabul canyon from Jalalabad to Afghanistan's capital Kabul. There are hundreds of indigenous drivers who don't care about the rules and safety trying to pass big trucks on winding and narrow winding roads.

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