Explore an ancient lava tube at the center of the Earth

Algar do Carvão, also known as the "ancient lava tube" or "volcanic vents", is a rare volcanic cave visitors can visit.

Lush vegetation surrounds the crater of Algar do Carvão.

The Algar do Carvão volcanic cave is located in the central part of Terceira - one of the largest islands of the Azores archipelago. The archipelago is one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal, including 9 volcanic islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean, about 1,360km to the west of Portugal.

The Azores seemed to be a land of long forgotten time, until Algar do Carvão was discovered and it quickly became attractive, especially for visitors who love to explore the cave.

The interesting scenery in the cave makes visitors very excited, because nearly every step finds something interesting unexpectedly.

Algar do Carvão is 330 feet long (1 foot = 30.48cm), surrounded from the top of the cave to the bottom is rich green vegetation. To go down the cave they have made handy artificial stairs.

At the bottom of the cave is a beautiful emerald green "mirror", which is an underground lake formed by the rain from the cave mouth, with the highest water level rising to 50 feet deep. .

Algar do Carvão is a rare volcanic cave visitors can visit.

This "ancient lava tube" is part of the vast Guilherme Moniz volcano - one of the four volcanoes that make up Terceira Island. Algar do Carvão was formed in the volcanic eruption about 2,000 years ago but it was not discovered until 1893.

The rich and unique beauty of the vegetation, moss, stalactites in Algar do Carvão.

Along with the stunning underground lake at the bottom of the cave, Algar do Carvão also satisfies visitors by the rich and unique beauty of vegetation, moss and stalactites.

If you look closely, visitors can also spot some small creatures that are residents of this extremely unique cave such as spiders, beetles ...

Going deep into the Algar do Carvão cave, you will feel like you are on a journey to the center of the Earth.

Algar do Carvão is one of Terceira's most popular destinations. And now despite being in the period of blockade, social spacing everywhere, but with a small number of visitors walking, it is still possible to join the experience tour at this unique "volcanic vents".

Jade-green underground lake at the bottom of Algar do Carvão cave.

The Algar do Carvão tour is highly praised on TripAdvisor - the US travel agency that specializes in travel-related reviews and also includes interactive travel forums.

Tourist Daniela wrote: “This cave tour was extraordinary. We feel like we are going to the center of the Earth, watching the colorful beauty in the illusion. It was an unexpected experience. ”

Algar do Carvão is one of Terceira's most popular destinations.

“For me it was a unique experience being in a volcano, looking up at the sky through the crater. It is interesting to see the lava that formed this cave firsthand, this is probably also a small perspective on how the Earth was formed, "- Pernille tourist shared.

Travelers Ivan expressed: “What an impressive place. But until you actually see it, but it's hard to imagine, the image cannot be described. Don't miss the chance to come here! ”…

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