In the Tanzania grassland

TANZANIA The plateau in Serengeti National Park stretches to the end of the horizon, flocks of wild animals are not bothering to pay attention to visitors.

Tanzania is located in East Africa, where there are vast prairies at sight. The country has two famous national parks: Serengeti, home to elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo and rhinos; and Kilimanjaro, home to the highest mountain in Africa.

Artist Tran Thuy Linh had a trip to Serengeti National Park with his friends. In Maasai Aboriginal language, Serengeti means endless field. The wild scenery in the grasslands inspired her to create paintings.

Zebra herd in Serengeti. In June and July every year, tens of thousands of zebras will make a vital migration when crossing the Mara and Grumeti Rivers to their new land in Kenya and back in September. Thousands will die twice This river, when bait for crocodiles.

If you visit Serengeti National Park in the dry season from June to September, you can also see millions of millions of animals migrating towards Victoria Lake. The most famous and beautiful migration in this national park is that of the bullhead antelope. This is one of the most impressive natural events and a major attraction for visitors.

There are countless fresh meadows on an area of ​​about 14,700 km2, the national park is home to many herbivores, with about 1.3 million goats, 60,000 zebras and 150,000 antelopes. And for that reason, predators also live here like lions, spotted hyenas, jaguars, crocodiles ...

Lions in Ngorongoro Reserve. You can meet them anywhere on the meadow, wander the trails of cross-traffic vehicles, or lie on rocks. Visitors can enjoy watching in the doorless jeep - this experience is called a game drive, and guests must comply with the rules of the organizers.

Located between Serengeti and Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro has the famous Ngorongoro crater, and is one of Tanzania's most beautiful wildlife viewing places. Pictured here are the elephants at Serengeti National Park.

Linh and her friends have the opportunity to visit a Maasai village in Ngorongoro Reserve. Maasai is one of Tanzania's 120 ethnic groups, one of the very few semi-nomadic tribes that still retains its national identity and tradition. They live in round houses built from tree branches, grasses, cow urine and cow dung, with high protective fences. The Maasai maintained polygamy, the chieftain had 15 wives.

"At the end of the village there is a relatively spacious nursery school where children learn English lessons, causing us to come in and see the children," Linh said. After taking the picture, I turned on the camera so the children could see their pictures.

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