Love castle story | Luxembourg - a 'forgotten' city in Europe

As the most livable city in the world, Luxembourg is not a well-known tourist name.

Luxembourg City belongs to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - a small country located in the continent of Western Europe, bordering Belgium, France and Germany. This place is known as the most livable city in Europe. Not only a large economic center, Luxembourg also attracts tourists by ancient beauty combined with modernity. Here are some of the best attractions in Luxembourg that you should try once in your life. Photo: Explorista.

The Notre Dame Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame) was built in the 17th century and is the city's largest Roman Catholic church. The church architecture still retains the beauty as it was at the beginning. Inside the church, you will find beautiful stained glass, with unique Gothic architecture. This will surely satisfy art-loving travelers. Photo: Luxembourg-city.

Bock Casemates is a fortress with corridors built from stone. Inside the tunnels is where thousands of soldiers have sought refuge. At this attraction, you will also find bakeries, studios and candy and fruit vendors. Photo: Explorista.

You can sit or drink water or wander the streets and visit old buildings. There, you will find with impressive views. Photo: Explorista.

Culinary in Luxembourg attracts many tourists. If you want to eat in a cozy place, you can add La Chiggeri restaurant to the selection list. The night view here is impressive because it is located between the city of Luxembourg and the surrounding valley. Photo: Explorista.

Cocktail is one of the drinks you should try in Luxembourg. However, they are quite expensive, you need to look carefully at the affordable bars to enjoy. Suggested for you is a cocktail bar called Octans that serves cocktails for about 400,000 a glass. Photo: Madefrompa.

Love castle story
Swallow's Nest Castle, also known as "Castle of Love" is one of the most attractive destinations in Yalta, Crimea, southern Ukraine.

The castle was built on the top of Aurora cliff, east of the cape. Theodore (Ai-Todor), Black Sea. You can see Swallow’s Nest from afar off the coast or even from the highway between Yalta and Simeiz. Swallow’s Nest Castle was built in Gothic architecture with space filled with light, fresh air bringing a magical romantic look. Open balconies, curved windows and vertical spiers make "Nest of Love" an ideal venue for creative inspiration for artists and photographers.

To Yen Castle is located in an ideal location. Photo: Amazingplace.

Swallow’s Nest Castle has a very interesting history. A Russian general in the Russo-Turkish War fell in love with the Black Sea from the top of the Aurora cliff. The general built a wooden house on the headland of Ai-Todor, but did not live here long. Just a few years later, a royal doctor named Adalbert Karlovic Tobin, also a member of Yalta city council, bought the place. He built stone walls and built To Yen castle at the location of the old wooden house.

After the death of Dr. Tobin and his wife in 1901, a famous German oil trader at that time, Baron Steinheil, bought the castle when it was damaged. Over the next two years, the castle was rebuilt, and the roof was painted red with white walls.

The view from the castle balcony. Photo: Amazingplace.
Along with the new appearance, the castle was renamed "Castle of Love". From 1910 to 1912, Swallow's Nest continued to be rebuilt, and finally the Russian architect Alexander Sherwood brought the look of Gothic architecture today.

In 1927, a magnitude 6-7 earthquake caused Aurora cliffs to be severely fractured and the castle was forced to close 40 years later. Once restored, Swallow's Nest has become a restaurant, a destination for diners to enjoy Italian food in the romantic natural setting, immersing in the vast space of Ai-Todor cape and Hehai beach at night.

"Castle of Love" has now become an Italian restaurant. Photo: Travellingmyself.

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