Melvillei Ancient Whale - A nightmare of super shark Megalodon

Is there anything in nature that can make Megalodon fear when confronted? The ancient super whale Melvillei is the answer.

Megalodon super shark which is famous for being an ocean killer with a size of up to 20m and a bite to create the force equivalent to 11-18 tons is enough to cause a car to be crushed. With such aggressiveness and terrible size, Megalodon became a dangerous predator for sea lions, dolphins, and whales ... But whether in nature there is anything that can make Megalodon fear when confrontation or not? The ancient super whale Melvillei is the answer.

Whale hunt Livyatan Melvillei
Although known after the Megalodon shark about 400 years, but Livyatan Melvillei was quickly described as one of the rare ancient creatures capable of gambling super famous shark there.

The super live whale Livyatan Melvillei is a rare creature that can confront the megalodon super shark directly.

Melvillei predatory whale fossils were discovered in 2008, nearly 400 years after Megalodon. Melvillei ruled the oceans 13.6 to 11.6 million years ago. This whale is shaped like a modern sperm whale, with a length of about 13.5 - 18m and weighs about 50 tons and super weapons are giant teeth.

The giant teeth of the super-whale Melvillei.

Melvillei's skull is 3 meters long with wide teeth and 36cm long teeth - keeping the current record in the animal kingdom. At the same time, Melvillei's upper jaw is shaped like a pan, which helps close the teeth with the lower jaw to tear flesh easily when closed. The temporal cavity of the fish - where the jaw joint is - is also wider, allowing the mouth to expand to increase the bite force.

Melvillei whale and offensive tactics
Melvillei belongs to the family of sperm whales and killer whales. In the wild, sperm whales have defeated a giant 13m long squid, so it would not be surprising if Melvillei defeated the ancient giant squid.

Melvillei belongs to the family of sperm whales and killer whales.

In addition, when studying the Melvillei fossil, the scientists also found that the first part had a wax-like body part similar to that of a sperm whale. For sperm whales, this section helps deep dive, sound positioning and self-defense. Therefore, it was hypothesized that in Melvillei, it also has the same function, even being used as a hunting weapon.

This animal uses its head like a giant hammer, butting directly into the body of prey.

When encountering small prey, Melvillei only needs to attack lightly, but with larger prey it will need more time and effort. These animals use their heads like giant hammers, knocking prey directly into their bodies at high speed, destroying their organs and weakening them before tearing them apart.

More dangerous is that Melvillei live in groups, they are smart enough to know how to hunt collectively as well as work together to defeat the ill-fated mule.

Melvillei encountered Megalodon
In terms of size, Megalodon seems to hold more advantages: maximum weight double Melvillei, stronger bite force, flexible body and no need to rise to the surface to breathe air.

However, when considering the weight, the number of 100 tons of Megalodon is only an estimate of scientists and many now accept that the weight of the giant shark is only about 50 tons corresponding to 18m in muscle length. So, the equivalent of Melvillei.

Melvillei sharks are superior to Megalodon due to their intelligence.

Melvillei may be a bit physically poor, but it is superior to Megalodon thanks to intelligence. In fact, sharks can enter a coma if they turn over. Killer whales know that and use this weakness to hunt sharks. So Mevillei in the past was also able to think of a way to defeat Megalodon.

In addition, they also have a habit of hunting in flocks, and when Mevillei cooperates with each other, a single super shark used to hunt alone like Megalodon will surely be subdued.

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