The famous village without electricity and water in Uruguay

Despite being the only village in Uruguay to live without electricity and running water, Cabo Pilonio still attracts many visitors.

Cabo Pilonio is a small fishing village on the edge of the sea, in the Atlantic Ocean, on the eastern coast of Uruguay. Due to the separation of vast sand dunes, Cabo Polonio is isolated from other regions. The village is only 7 km from the main highway but there is no access. The only way to get to the village is by foot or two-wheel drive (4-wheel drive vehicle) through the sand dunes.

None of the houses in Cabo Pilonio have electricity and water, including drainage. Only a few businesses use electricity from generators, solar batteries, wind energy for lighting. At the farthest point of the village is an active lighthouse, the only place of Cabo Pilonio connected to the grid. People also have a habit of getting clean water to live from self-dug wells or storing rainwater.

The lighthouse is the only place in the village that can be connected to the grid. From here visitors can observe the two islands in the east and north and observe seals living on the island.

The most attractive thing of Cabo Polonio is the beach with clear blue water, smooth sand and sea lion sanctuary.

This village is one of the most inhabited sea lions in South America. They mainly reside on the two islands located to the east and north of the village with the peninsula tip, so when people stand on the lighthouse it will be easy to see. In addition, in September and October each year, visitors can also observe the whales looking for refuge in the calm sea water.

There are several hundred houses in the village, but there is no electricity, businesses use solar battery or wind energy for electricity.

The village was relatively quiet around May - September. Only a handful of animal lovers, whale research scientists, seals and fishermen came here. But by the summer, the quiet coastal village has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Uruguay.

Cabo Polonio is also home to the darkest sky and the brightest moonlit night among the regions on the coast of Uruguay. The reason is that the village is rarely green and there are no street lights at night.

Although there is almost no electricity and water, the village still develops a series of restaurants and motels to serve tourists, but most of them choose to rent a homestay. Today in Cabo Polonio there is more calling and Internet service.

With its natural beauty and poetic living conditions, the village of Cabo Polonio is one of the favorite destinations for Argentinian and Brazilian hippies in the summer.

The only place visitors can charge their phones is at the grocery store and only when the generator runs. At night in the village everyone will experience life under the candles.

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