The restaurant is decorated with more than 300 animal heads

Eating in a restaurant with hundreds of eyes from real animal heads in an American restaurant makes visitors feel creepy.

Bighorn is a famous restaurant and pub in California, USA founded by Bill Foster in 1931. With the purpose of displaying to the world's wildlife, he decorated the restaurant with more than 300 heads of animals hunted by themselves.

Photos of restaurants displaying animal heads

Everywhere in the restaurant are heads of all kinds of wildlife.

The author of this idea for Bill Foster is Henry Snow, who has a passion for hunting African wildlife and is the founder of the Snow Museum, now called the Oakland Museum in California.

Then, from the 1920s to 1930s, Foster made eight trips to Europe on his own and 10 hunting trips to Canada and Alaska with the vast wealth of fortune gained from the liquor trade. He collected more than 300 heads of all kinds from these trips and decided to display them in his own restaurant.

Across the walls in the restaurant are giant animal heads, arranged with the species name tag as a true museum. Among these specimens, the most prominent is the adult African elephant head with a pair of tusks up to 1.5 meters long that are placed separately in the main dining room. There is also a specimen of a dead walrus with a bow still in its head, and some deer and antlers with antlers nearly 2 meters long.

Diners eat normally in the dining room decorated with animal heads.

Foster has died since 1963, but his wife has taken over and developed the whole animal restaurant ever since and died in 1975. Although this restaurant is like a nightmare for animal lovers, where It almost serves vegetarian dishes again. Customers come here, eating and talking with hundreds of eyes from the heads on the wall makes them feel horrible.

With prices ranging from 9 to 25 USD and watching the top of the wildlife in the world, Bighorn restaurant is attracting a large number of customers from all over.

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