The village lies below the 200-ton stones

Any visitor arriving in eastern Portugal is eager to visit a famous landmark: the village of Monsanto is located on a high mountain.

With its unique architecture and breathtaking views, Monsanto is Portugal's most popular destination. This place is also voted by many as one of the most beautiful cliff villages in the world.

The village of Monsanto is located on top of a mountain of the same name, in eastern Portugal. It is famous for the majority of the houses are located peacefully and harmoniously under large rocks weighing up to 200 tons.

When settling on the top of the mountain and realizing that there were many giant stones here, people instead of trying to demolish built houses right under the rocks.

So when you visit this medieval village, you can easily see many houses underneath, right next to or surrounded by giant round rocks. The village walkways are paved, surrounded by lush vegetation.

In 1938, this place was dubbed "the most Portuguese village in the country". The building materials for the houses here are mostly stone.

Because it is located at an altitude of nearly 800 m above sea level, the village is one of the destinations with good views. Standing here, you can zoom in and out and admire the beauty of the land of poets (another little used name of the Portuguese country).

Thanks to its location on a remote mountain top, it seems that everything in the village still has the beauty of the old times. Modernity with luxurious cars and motorcycles hardly appears in this village.

Since receiving the title "The most Portuguese village in the country", the local government has restricted the construction of new works, in order to preserve intact cultural values ​​and old traditions. of the village.

Today, Monsanto is one of Portugal's most popular destinations, attracting many tourists.

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